Yankees, Shmankees. It’s the Twins turn

Twins fans across the Midwest are all afraid of the big bad Yankees as the 2010 post-season approaches.
Well, to steal a phrase from an old car commercial – This isn’t your father’s Yankees. In fact, it’s not even the Yankees of recent years.
And more importantly, this isn’t your Twins team of recent years. The 2010 Minnesota Twins are better constructed and prepared for a post-season run.
For example, in the late innings when the Twins need a pinch hitter, it won’t be Matt Tolbert asked to face Mariano Rivera. It won’t be Jose Morales. Instead, one of either Jason Kubel or Jim Thome will be ready at the bat.
The Twins bullpen is also better prepared, with righty and lefty options including former closers Jon Rauch and Brian Fuentes, current closer Matt Capps and capable arms of Jesse Crain and Matt Guerrier. If the Twins are leading in the 7th inning or later, those relievers make a victory much more likely than in years past.
The offense is also more balanced from top to bottom, even without MVP candidate Justin Morneau, who Twins fans can stop dreaming about making an impact in October. J.J. Hardy, Orlando Hudson and Danny Valencia are major upgrades over the Twins options in the middle infield in past years.
Are all of these factors a guaranteed recipe for a long October run? Of course not. But it does mean the Twins and their fans need not fear the Big, Bad Yankees anymore. Times have changed, and the team that calls Target Field home has its best chance of reaching the World Series since they lost to the Angels in the ALCS.

2 thoughts on “Yankees, Shmankees. It’s the Twins turn

  1. I think we can all excuse a little focus on how good our chances looked. Especially in this time of mourning. It isn’t every day that we witness the systematic crash and burn of an entire team at a key point in the season. It happens, too often in Minnesota, but we always get back up and fight the good fight. Hopefully we can keep it together for next year.

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