Welcome back, 84

Much of my youth was spent collecting sports memorabilia of my favorite teams – which pretty much consists of any Minnesota sports team, with one exception of the Milwaukee Bucks until 1989, when the Timberwolves came into existence.

That passion for collecting trinkets, statues, sports cards, etc., never really died when I entered adulthood. In fact, from the desk in my office you can see a statues of Michael Bennett, Daune Culpepper, Adrian Peterson and yes, Randy Moss.

Personally, I want to thank Zygi Wilf for giving some new life, and new value, to my collection. I have a variety of Moss statutes, cards and other items that had seen their value shrink dramatically since #84 was traded to Oakland 5 years ago.

Now, those items can be proudly shown once again.

And with Brett Favre now throwing to Moss, it will be quite the sight to behold in the coming weeks. It is a recipe that could either deliver a beautiful cake, or explode in the cooking stages. Either way, it’s going to be a fun ride.

Welcome back Randy. You’ve been gone too long.