Worth the price of admission

With fewer than 10 games left in the 2012-13 NBA season, it might appear like there is nothing to see at Target Center.

However, if you have been paying attention you know that is not the case.

Rubio with teammates

Sure, the Minnesota Timberwolves are nowhere near the playoff chase. And, yes, they have had more than their share (or the fair share of every team in their division combined) of injuries. But that’s not the point.

On a nightly basis – if you are a basketball fan – the Timberwolves, and more specifically Ricky Rubio, should be must-see TV.

Rubio schools Kobe

Rubio hustles on every play. He kicks chairs when there is a bad play. He shows uncommon passion. He leads the league in steals, and is among the league leaders in assists. His shooting isn’t going to remind anyone of Michael Jordan, but his passing is unlike anyone else for all the right reasons.

2013 Highlights

Prior to coming to the NBA, all most fans knew about Rubio was what they saw from YouTube clips. Ironically, two years into his Timberwolves career, YouTube remains the place to find his best moments. However, don’t think for a minute these are uncommon occurences. Most every night, Rubio shows you something you haven’t seen before.

Behind the back twice!

If you haven’t taken notice yet, check out the next couple of games. You won’t be disappointed.