Trading up for AP

Just a couple minutes prior to the start of the 2013 Fantasy Football Draft in the league we have had going for more than a decade, I threw out an idea.

I offered to trade places with the first team in the draft, giving up my third position and throwing in my fourth-round pick. So essentially, we’d be swapping draft positions for the entire draft and I’d give up my fourth-round pick.

It seemed like a no-brainer. I pulled the trigger, and of course drafted Adrian Peterson first overall.

While pleased with my decision, it was difficult to give up the fourth-round pick, which turned out to be Mike Wallace, a pretty good wide receiver.

At the end of the draft, our league’s site computes what it considers the best team on paper based upon points projected scored during the season. I was disappointed to see that the team I traded with ended up with the best squad on paper going into the season.

Not all trades are created equally, and it remains to be seen if the end results follow the predictions. However, early on it appears I am on the losing end.